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Six advantages are Shared and win-win

Huge precision customer

Modulebang mall currently has 900,000 + small and micro customers, and nearly 20,000 precise new customers every month, which can solve the brand's new product promotion, sample distribution and special promotion problems, realize zero-cost brand publicity, and indirectly cultivate potential big customers for the original factory/agent.

More excellent partners

Module bang mall all components are purchased from the original factory or agents formal channels, currently has obtained Taiwan housheng, jiangsu changdian and other nearly 100 domestic well-known brands authorized agents, cooperation with nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign brands, strict channel control has won the customer and market widely recognized authentic reputation

Cash flow and industrial chain

At present, the average daily turnover of module-state mall is 3000+ orders. It does not do payment days, but only do online cash settlement, which ensures the long-term stable and strong cash flow.At the same time, solid group electronic industry chain resources greatly increased customer stickiness, one-stop to meet customer needs.

Efficient intelligent storage

More than 100 million yuan has been invested in the development of ERP system, ensuring efficient warehousing management, order management, supply chain management and other business processes, to achieve rapid, automated, high accuracy sorting, order delivery within 4 hours, to provide customers and supplier partners with faster and better sales experience!

Big warehouse radiates the whole country

In the first phase of the project, there are 60000 ㎡ high standard single warehouse and 40000 ㎡ workshop. The original factory of electronic components or electronic peripheral supporting service providers will be introduced to form a closed loop of upstream and downstream enterprises in the electronic ecosystem and build the core competitiveness of China core!

Big data accurate recommendation

Module bond mall has a large amount of component sales data and bill of materials for big data analysis, providing accurate user portraits, market fluctuations, brand popularity, etc., so as to achieve accurate marketing, reasonable stock up, rapid response to market changes, improve customer experience and accelerate commodity turnover at the same time.

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